Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Spring is here Cleveland!

I just wanted to express how excited we are that Spring is here. It is a time for growth, a time for change, a time to look forward to something fresh and new. As a small local business in
Northeast OH, we look forward to growing with the season. A time to get out and network more, time to expand and take on new business.

Business is only one perspective to spring, it also allows more time for family and friends. Cookouts, bon fires, longer night's allow for more time to spend with loved ones.

No matter what you look forward to this spring, treat it as a new beginning. Get out an enjoy your city and metro parks. Lake Erie and it's beaches or spend some time in your community!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day Is Here!

All the Earth Day information you need in one site! Remember, we only have one earth and it is our responsibility to preserve it.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Northeast OH's Junk Removal Solution

Dan Ryan, the owner of Waste One Removal, cares about your junk removal project and that is exactly what it is...A Project! Dan is the type of person that looks at every project as if he is working on his own home. With Waste One Removal, the owner of the company puts his business reputation on the line with every clean up they take care of. Why does this matter?
1. A "Hands On" owner is is involved in every step of the process. Providing the best services possible.
2. A locally owned company benefits from a Northeast Ohio company and not a nationally owned franchise.
3. A complete Job Well Done. After Waste One Removal Removes your junk, they clean up the area to make it look like the pile of junk never existed. Completing a job to such detail is a benefit you receive when you hire this special locally owned junk removal service provider.
4. The recycling effort. If you have a back room, a basement, or garage that needs to be cleared but maybe there is a lot or recyclable materials or things that can be donated; We care about keeping waste out of the landfill, and about ensuring goods get reused when they can. Waste One Removal puts forth a greater effort into recycling and up-cycling..
Call Waste One Removal today to talk to the owner of Waste One Removal, Dan Ryan for all of your removal needs.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Are you recycling enough?

 In the US we only recycle 25% of our waste. According to the EPA, we are capable of recycling up to 75% of our waste stream.

So I ask, are you recycling enough?


Friday, March 27, 2015

Junk Removal with a focus on recycling.

Hello All,

I am Dan Ryan and the owner and operator of Waste One Removal.

At Waste One Removal we understand the need for waste management, the need for recycling. A locally owned and family operated business in Lagrange OH, we take pride in the effort we put forth in assisting customers with all their removal and recycling needs.

This is my first blog and first attempt to share our process and interactions. Over the course of this blog we hope to cover junk removal, up-cycling, recycling and everything in between.

Lagrange, OH is a small town with roughly 4000 people. It is located in rural Lorain county and is about 30 miles outside of Cleveland. Our location allows us to serve the Cleveland, Akron and surrounding suburbs.

Let's face it, we love junk! It started with going to auctions and filling up a little ford ranger with as much junk and scrap metal that I could haul. Since then we have purchased two trucks and two trailers for hauling twice as much junk. Although, now we put our focus and effort into helping customers with their junk and debris issues.

Now..... There is no better time then now to clear out that clutter and recycle. Currently, the US is responsible for 30% of the earths waste but only represent 5% of the earths population.

Thanks for reading.

Dan Ryan